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Roxy the Labrador Puppy portrait
The Labrador, or Lab, is another iconic dog that dominates the ranks of dog ownership in the UK.  As an artist I am immediately attracted to the bread as they generally come in three colour schemes (I'm sure that is not the correct terminology but it suits them).  The Yellow Labrador, the chocolate Labrador and the black labrador.  Living in the country we see many of these faithful creatures walking close to their owners and they are never happier then when they are out in the countryside retrieving whatever is being thrown for them.  When shooting season starts the Labrador comes into their own, trained to retrieve the game, depositing it with care and only asking for a quick rub or pat in return.

A Labrador portrait makes a great gift, the photo above is of Roxy the Labrador puppy who was painted as a valentines present.  Giving Labrador Gifts to a Lab Lover really shows thought, if you would like to commission a painting, please look at my price page, you can send me a photo and I will get your painting back to you within 3 weeks.

Roxy the Labrador Pup

Barney the Cheeky Labrador

Yellow Labrador Dog Pet Portrait Painting
Yellow Labrador Portrait - Barney

Chocolate Labrador Painting Portrait
Chocolate Labrador

Yellow Labrador and Pup - Portrait Painting of Barney and Mollie
Yellow Labrador of Barney and Mollie Portrait painting 


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