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Pet Paintings Prices and Order Details

There are a number of things to think about when quoting for your portrait so please use the grid below as a guide but if you have any questions please contact me.  Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly, if you have a specific size in mind please contact me.  Paintings may be produced in landscape or portrait depending on the photograph unless specified and all paintings are done using Oils on Canvas.

To order, please send your photographs to [email protected] , I'll be straight back in contact. Please note postage and packaging is extra.

SizeImperial (Inches)Metric (mm)Single Animal with plain background** (£)2+ Animals (£)
Small14 x 18355 x 457
Medium16. x 20406 x 508
Large (square)20 x 20508 x 508
Extra Large 24 x 30600 x 800

*due to this canvas size being square rather than rectangular it's not recommended for more than one pet

**All prices are based on a Pet Portrait with a plain background, if you would like to add a background please just get in touch and I can quote depending on what you would like to be included, 

I've had to put a lot of thought in to the pricing of my paintings and do what I can to ensure my prices are reasonable. As all my work is produced in Oil Paint on Canvas, I have to factor in the material costs as well as time. For Oil paints it's not just the amount of time it takes me to produce the painting that is accounted for but also the preparation of the canvas beforehand as well as the time it takes to dry.

Every painting I produce varies in the time it takes to paint, it can depend on the type of pet, the colours, even the type of fur! But, as an example, a painting I've done of Barney the Labrador (just head and shoulders) on an A3 size canvas took me 3 full days to paint. I do often have a few paintings going at once so I can move from one to an other whilst I wait for areas to dry (although this does mean my house regularly looks like an animal sanctuary with paintings everywhere you look!) 

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