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Monday, 30 October 2017

Minty the horse... a face full of character

Here is the Stunning Minty. A truly handsome Horse which I was commissioned to paint as a present. As I've said before there is such a connection between horses and their owners so a portrait makes a truly special gift. I not only wanted to capture Mintys handsome looks but also his loyal (and on occasion a little cheeky!) character.

When I sent the picture of the finished painting to Carl who had commissioned the portrait I got such a wonderful response...

I woke early today around 5.30 and got up feeling quite chipper, was even whistling as I put the kettle on which is a rarity.
I adore cold frosty mornings, dead still and white and thankfully this morning was such a morning so, looking out over Dorchester’s rooftops eastwards as the dawn gained it was indeed going to be a good morning ! A little light creeping above the town revealed the cold chill of impending winter dressed over roof and grass, sublime.
Scraped the cars for myself and Susan then headed into Dorchester, still fairly sleepy for a weekday , I’m guessing most slightly delayed by cleaning off ice. I came into work through Christmas tree lined streets still lit in the half dark. My best morning of the autumn so far and then to open the attachment to your email just topped it off so fantastically. Your picture is spot on and gets him and his character just right, he is a nosey so and so and also wanders off just like a child sometimes, attracted to some unknown fascination and the expression on his face just sums captures that , “what’s going on over there” so well.

Maggie the Mischievous Cockapoo

Cockapoo Pet portrait oil on canvasNow the words mischievous and Cockapoo tend to come hand in hand! But these adorable dogs have also got some extremely endearing characteristics too. Maggie here is a friend of Ned's (my Sprocker Spaniel) and regularly steals his tennis balls, although he does get his revenge and pinches her dinner from time to time! They are also Canicross Buddies along with their other mate Boris the Labradoodle.

I was asked to paint Maggie as a 30th Birthday present for her mum Steph. I wanted to capture that 'Butter wouldn't melt' kind of look that I have become quite familiar with over the last couple of years!

Horse Portrait - the perfect gift

Horse portrait oil on canvas Now I know it may seem like I paint mostly Dogs which probably is partly true but I do also thoroughly enjoy painting these gracious animals. Horses really do have an unbelievable connection with their owners and so I am often commissioned to paint them for a rather special gift and this one was no different... a gift from a mother to a daughter who has a passion for these loyal and stunning animals....

Izzy the Charming Terrier

Terrier pet portrait oil on canvasNow for those of you who know me will know although I adore Spaniels I have quite the soft spot for Terriers. A while ago I had a rather bonkers Jack Russell Terrier called Bouncer who certainly lived up to his name!

Terriers in my mind are renowned for being full of character, they are always too big for their boots and also too intelligent for their own good but that's why we love them! Izzy here is no exception and a truly gorgeous Terrier!

Handsome Hudson the Golden Retriever

Golden retriever pet portrait oil on canvasNow that's what I call a smile!! As soon as I saw pictures of Handsome Hudson I could instantly see his mischievous yet loveable character. Something that's so important with a pet portrait is to convey the pet's character, it may sound simple but it's the most essential part of the finished painting.

It's always lovely to understand more about someone's pet before I paint them, it's not always possible to meet them so the more I can hear from the customer about their loving family member the better.

There was also something else rather special about this portrait. Hudsons mum Steph had actually won this portrait as part of a charity raffle organised by the fabulous people at Ministry of Dog, it's safe to say Steph was rather thrilled with her prize and I've been lucky enough to have further commissions from Steph and her lovely family (I have a feeling their home is beginning to have a bit of a Moo theme all the way through!!)

Monday, 15 May 2017

George Selfie in Plush!

Cockapoo Selfie in Plush oil on canvas pet portraitAfter buying a Moo Selfie, Roxanne Ivan decided they wanted a Selfie with a difference, this time featuring their seriously gorgeous Cockapoo, George! They popped down to meet me at a show in the freezing cold but it meant I could get a chance to meet gorgeous George and get to know him a little.

For the background it had to be something special to them so they chose a view of Plush near where they live and a frequent walking area for George, so this was a perfect choice!

Although I love doing the Moo Selfies, it's also great to do something a tad more personal so the Pet Selfies are perfect for that, plus I think it just makes them that bit more fun!

Buddy the Spaniel

Spaniel Pet Portrait Oil on Canvas
What a handsome chap! Well the picture says it all, 2 year old Buddy is truly gorgeous (and doesn't he know it!) as some of you know I am a little bias when it comes to Spaniels and he really was a joy to paint.

After a sneaky meeting in Swanage I was able to meet Buddy and his Mum Gemma to take a few photos whilst keeping this a surprise for his Dad. I think it's safe to say he was very pleasantly surprised with his present!

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