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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Herbie the Pug

Pet Portrait Pug oil on canvasSome of you may remember the Pugs I painted a while back, all 5 on one canvas.... well they have a new friend! Herbie! So it was only right that he needed to have a portrait done too, didn't want him to feel left out.

So the Pugs popped round for another photoshoot, Ned (My Sprocker Spaniel) still looked as confused as ever after the garden was over run by this 'herd' of pugs, is there a word for a group of Pugs I wonder?

Anyway after Herbie posed perfectly for a few pics I managed to do his portrait ready for Christmas. Now he is extremely handsome so his portrait went down a storm....

Monday, 22 August 2016

Chunk the distinguished Labrador

Pet Portrait Labrador Oil on canvasApologies it seems a while since I did a blog and there's been lots of lovely portraits painted in the last few months which I need to get on the website, so thought I would make a start and what better way to do it than with this gorgeous boy.

Some of you may remember a while back I painted a rather adorable puppy labrador called Chunk, well he has grown into a very handsome boy and I had the pleasure in doing another portrait for his lovely owner.

It was such a great experience doing this painting and seeing how he has changed since a pup, and I think you would agree he is definitely one gorgeous pooch.

What is also interesting is seeing how my painting has developed in that time, as some of you know I have now been doing this full time for 2 years which means I have been able to take on a lot more commissions, the more I paint the more I learn and I feel I develop so much each portrait I do. Every one I paint is different and has it's own challenges, even when it is the same dog! I hope you agree but I do believe I am improving with each one and can only thank all my lovely customers!

So I hope you all love the portrait of Chunk painted in Oil paint on canvas

Monday, 25 April 2016

Rain the lovely young Lab

Black Labrador Pet Portrait Oil on CanvasI was asked to paint Rain by her Dad Luke as a surprise Birthday present for his Fiancée. As soon as I saw those beautiful 'give me a biscuit' eyes I couldn't wait to get started!

Rain was described to me as a 'little comedian at times' so this is what I wanted to capture in her portrait. Luke chose me to paint Rain as he felt my style of painting suited her personality, although I paint in oils my portraits are not quite the traditional pet portrait some people may expect and have a more fun, modern twist and this is what I feel helps to capture characters just like Rain.

Black Labrador Pet Portrait

Monday, 14 March 2016

Indie the Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniel puppy portraitSome of you may remember the beautiful Roxy? Well meet the latest addition to their family... this is Indie, the gorgeous Cocker. Roxy and Indies Mum, Louise asked me to paint Indie as a surprise present for her husband and I hear it went down well!

Obviously I had to spend a lot of time with Indie, with lots of cuddles just to be sure I really got to know her, such a tough part of my job! So after sneakily bringing my camera over I managed to get some lovely photos, although it wasn't hard as she is utterly adorable.

So now Indies portrait is alongside Roxy's, just have to wait and see if they add another member to the family next year!

Cocker spaniel puppy portrait

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Pugs, Pugs and more Pugs!

Well this has to be without doubt one of the most fun Pet Portraits I have ever done! First of all the garden gets over run by Pugs and then I had the joy of capturing each of their mischievous characters in paint.

Pug Portrait oil on canvas

These gorgeous boys and girls belong to the lovely Daisy and her family, she asked me to do the portrait a few months back and I couldn't wait to get started. Daisy bought the whole crew over for a photo shoot - easier said than done! Five Pugs, my Spaniel Ned and a load of free range chickens led to a rather exciting afternoon. Although slightly manic it was a great way for me to get to know each of them and trust me when I say they all had their own unique personalities! From grumpy Kevin to cheeky Daphny I love every one of them.

So after a lot of photos I finally managed to get some good pics of all of them, Kevin, Ruby, Daphny, Eric and Alphie were ready for their masterpiece. The most challenging part was fitting all five of them on to one long canvas, when I say long I mean 4 foot! Then it was time to get painting, I did one Pug at a time so starting from left to right, each one had their own little quirks and individuality which made it such an enjoyable portrait.

Pug Portrait

Monday, 25 January 2016

Roobarb the beautiful Springer

Springer Spaniel pet portrait oil on canvas
Spaniels definitely seem to be popular for me over the last year, not that I'm complaining as I do love them and as you know I have my own gorgeous Sprocker, Ned.

This was another Christmas commission, Jacqueline contacted me online to get a portrait done of their beautiful, elderly Spaniel Roobarb, although looking at her pics she still looks just the same as she did when she was younger!

As I'm sure I've said before the curly ears are always a challenge, definitely one of the more time consuming aspects of the painting and Roobarb has some of the curliest ears I've seen! This one did take me a while to paint, not just because of the curls but all the different shades in her coat as well as the detailing around her eyes and mouth but I enjoyed every bit.

Springer Spaniel pet portrait

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Kim the Cocker

Cocker Spaniel Pet Portrait Oil on Canvas
If you've seen my previous post regarding Penny the Jack Russell then you'll know the story behind this one!

I was asked to paint Kim by the lovely Liz as a present for her husband, little did she know her husband had already commissioned me to paint their other dog Penny as a surprise Christmas present!

Liz already had some great photos of Kim so emailed them over to me to work from, although I didn't get to meet her I could really get an idea of her character which I hoped to capture in the painting.

Liz works at the wonderful Margaret Green Animal Rescue just down the road from me, we rescued our Sprocker Ned from them last August and they were absolutely brilliant so if you are considering rescuing then I would highly recommend them!

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