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Monday, 31 August 2015

Four real Characters!

Well this was definitely an enjoyable and challenging commission and I loved every bit! Rosemary bought some of my Moo paintings back at the Sherborne Castle Country Fair and after hanging them in her home she decided it would be great to have some paintings done of her crew - Beetle, Fishie, Florrie and Muppet. All four cats with four unique personalities!

Rosemary sent over a selection of photos for me to work from as well as a bit of a description of each one for me to capture in the portrait....here's what she said....

Tabby = Beetle.  Runt of little and never grew properly so pretty small.  Loves charging around the house at full speed but not a great one for going outside.
White with tabby patches - Fishie.  The most clumsy oaf I have ever known but very affectionate with it.  Always falling out of trees and off fences. Largest of the group by far.

Dark tortie - Florrie.  Totally feral when I first took her on.  Has taken me three years but she now sleeps on the bed next to me.  Very affectionate but terribly shy.
Sandy tortie - Muppet.  Used to be the friendliest cat but hates all the cats and kittens that I foster and now just keeps to herself and hisses and spits at all the strangers!

So as you can see they're all certainly unique! We decided to do them on four separate canvases ready to be hung together as a group. I've painted cats before but this one was a bit different and although I wanted each one to be unique to fit their characters I also wanted to ensure they worked well together as a four. Rosemary then popped over one rainy afternoon to collect them and she was over the moon (I can only apologise to her Grandchildren though as I believe some of their pics may be taken down to make space, sorry!!) 


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