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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Ness and Betty

Now just to warn you, if you're anything like me then have some tissues ready before you read this blog! The story behind these two gorgeous dogs is truly amazing and really does prove that Dogs are Man's (or in this case Womans) best friend! 

Pet portrait oil on canvas Cocker Spaniel
Back in May I did the Sherborne Castle Country Fair where I met Rosie, she asked me to do a portrait of Ness and Betty, sadly Ness had recently passed away so this was really important to Rosie to have a lasting memory. When Rosie sent me the photos she told me a bit more about Ness and Betty and this made me more determined than ever to capture their character and personality in the painting.

Rosie was kind enough to tell more about her story and let me share it with you...

Rosie had a terrible car crash 5 years ago and as a result found it very difficult to leave the house, her friends suggested she needed a reason to get out and ended up choosing Ness to get her back on her feet literally.
Pet portrait oil on canvas Cocker Spaniel
She became her very best friend, and never left her side- never! She won over all sorts of restaurant owners, pubs, shops and stable yards, I can certainly see why!
She thought she was a person and would insist on joining in on whatever was happening, and if invited was fully involved in the job or game or conversation. She was incredibly clever, patient and kind with young children, and going over tricks for them over and over again until they were bored, but if an adult tried to indulge in the same she would simply give them a white eyed expression of "You should know better" 
Rosie took her out beating and picking up and she also did some dogging in for her boyfriend (whom she met through taking her out on shoot days) and she understood the principles of each job and her eyes lit up if she heard the word Pheasant (Handy for photos!)
Ness was very bonnie, bright eyed,  always smiling, pricked ears and silent! She was teeny tiny, a good inch in height and length smaller than her daughter Betty is now at 10 months old.
Pet portrait oil on canvas Cocker SpanielBetty in comparison is very sweet, very docile and not overly clever! She is soft as butter, keen and is desperately loyal, shy and timid with new people but over friendly with those she knows, Betty has none of her Mum's drive, but lives to please. She is adorable!
Told you you'll need the tissues at the ready!! The bond we can have with dogs is truly amazing (sometimes I like them even more than people!!) and being able to do a painting like this is why I love doing what I do so much. Rosie came over to the farm to pick up the painting and she was so happy with the final result, I'll never get tired of seeing people's reactions when they get their painting it's so much more than just oil paint on canvas.  


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