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Cocker and Springer Spaniel paintings

The Cocker Spaniel is another favourite working dog which I like to paint.  The cocker is related to the springer spaniel and has a cheerful and amenable character, a great "bird" dog and great with other dogs, cats and children.  I have a particular affection for the cocker as my parents have the softest Cocker Spaniel you could want to meet.  From a artists perspective, the cocker comes on a variety of colours and are very fluffy, which gives me plenty to work with when I am commissioned for a Pet Portrait of the breed.

The Springer Spaniel is a favourite of my partners, another excellent gun dog and a bundle of joy and energy.  As with the Cocker Spaniel, they have a really cheerful disposition and a joy to have around, particularly if they have had a good run or long walk.

I have painted a number of commissions of both breeds, please check out my blog posts below.

The Cocker Spaniel Art Painting Portrait


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