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A Purbeck Farm

Purbeck and Dorset Pet Portraits
Picture by www.Purbeckfootprints.com
Dorset is an amazing place and Purbeck is idyllic, the county is nestled between Devon and Hampshire and I moved into my lovely cottage on Steeple Leaze Farm two years ago with my partner and have loved every moment.  The location on the jurassic coast is so inspirational for my art and I am surrounded by wildlife, animals, dogs and of course PudPud the cat.  We currently have ten chickens and the farm hosts around 3000 sheep and 5000 lambs as well as 5 alpaca's and 300 cows.  Whilst I'm not a farmer, I have come to appreciate the country life and the ups and downs of the industry from which my neighbours and friends earn their living.

I am lucky to have amazing neighbours, Hannah is also a fantastic seamstress and helps me produce some of my soft furnishings which can be seen on my craft site.  She runs her own sewing business so please visit her site.

Piglet the Huntaway Dog Purbeck Dorset
Photo by Hannah www.hannahsews.com
We are as close as you can live to the Army Ranges of Lulworth and on some days you would think we were right in the middle of the firing range.  The range is literally at the bottom of our garden but the area, being uninhabited, offers a unique environment for all manner of creatures including the amazing Red and Sika deer that roam across the Purbeck hills.

In the summer we are joined by hundreds of campers.  Steeple Leaze Farm is famed for the unspoilt camping experience, people return year after year allowing their children to connect with nature and become almost Feral.  An added bonus is that many bring their lovely doggies who I love to see racing about enjoying the open air or settling beside a open log fire on the site. I hope to display my art to the visitors next year hoping they will take away unique Dorset Pet Portraits or commission a Purbeck Dog Painting.  If you are visiting, pop in and say hello, you will receive a friendly South West England reception
sheep shearing on the farm

My Neighbour Hannah and Jed - Pet Portraits Dorset


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