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Tuesday 10 March 2015

Sophia the well travelled Malamute

Pet Portrait Malamute DogSara contacted me through my website to ask me to do a painting of the lovely Sophia her 13 year old Malamute. As they live a little way away Sara sent me a few photos so that I had a good selection to work from and we decided to go for a 'head and shoulders' painting to really capture Sophias features especially her stunning brown eyes.

My Pet Portraits really vary in terms of how long they take as that depends on the size, the type of dog and even the type of fur but there was something about this painting, once I started I couldn't stop! When I paint I tend to get in to my own world and suddenly before I know it
the whole day has gone and I haven't even stepped out the front door! I really enjoyed every part of this painting and the more I looked at the photos of Sophia the more colours you could see in her coat which makes painting even more interesting.

I asked Sara to tell me a bit about Sophia and she really has had a wonderful 13 years! Here's what she had to say.... "In her 13 years so far, Sophia (appropriately named after the Greek personification of wisdom) has lived and travelled all over the central and south-western USA, circumnavigated Mexico, was an expat in Belgium for six years, and has just relocated to Southampton. She loves hiking, camping, being opinionated, beachcombing​, and in her younger years, playing 'Houdini' and body surfing."

I think Sophia may have travelled even more than me! I'm hoping the painting has captured Sophias unique personality and after a couple of days drying it will be heading to its new home shortly.


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